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    Wacipi (wä·chēˑ·pē),n. Is a Native American healing tradition, it translates to “dancing in balance in the circle of life,” Also called “gazing-at-the-sun dance”.


     Robin Lunsford creator of the Jewelry and art you see on these pages works to make the beads she uses in her pieces dance in harmony with the person wearing the design, or Wacipi Beads.


     The stones she uses in her designs are hand picked by Robin for there balance and how they may make a person feel when worn.


     Robin works to achieve this balance in her designs, hoping to not only proved a piece that is beautiful to look at but will also if you let it, make the wearer feel better about themselves.


     By using hand picked stones, gems and beads Robin creates pieces that will defiantly Rock.


     A Retired Police Officer and Forensic Tech, Robin and her husband retired Detective Scott Lunsford, have contributed photos and images that have been included and published in Henry Lee's Crime Scene Handbook, a forensics textbook, by Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Marilyn Miller.


     Robin Lunsford lives with her husband, two small dogs and a sightly insane gray cat. They dwell on a mountain top in Western North Carolina with a view of the morning sun rise behind the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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